Lebanese Garlic Sauce

Lebanese Garlic Sauce

Recently I went to a Lebanese restaurant and it reminded me how much I love the garlic sauce so I had to go home and make some. It is so simple yet must be done properly or there will be no emulsion.

Thinking about the garlic reminded me of the benefits. Garlic is used by many when they have a cold. This would be a pleasant way to ingest it. Garlic contains allicin, a compound that can inhibit bacteria growth and reduce infection. It also contains cancer preventing antioxidants and can help clear the skin. The downside is of course, bad breath. I did read that some people drink milk with their meal to help with this and that some restaurants are serving minted green tea to help with this also. At the least, some mint gum should help. Do try this versatile sauce.
                                                                                             Lebanese Garlic Sauce

3 heads of garlic
4 cups canola oil or other light tasting oil
1 teaspoon sea salt
juice of 1 lemon

Peel the three heads of garlic. There is a garlic peeler available which makes the job easy. Just put one clove in the little peeler tube and roll it with pressure and the skin comes right off. Drop the peeled cloves of garlic into a running food processor, one at a time. Add the salt. When completely pulverized, scrape down the sides. Turn the processor on again and VERY slowly drizzle the oil into the processor. This will take a few minutes because it must be done just a few drops at a time for an emulsion to take place. Then drizzle in the lemon juice. It should look like mayonnaise. Refrigerate.
In addition to pita, it is good with raw veggies. I use it to marinate meat or veggies by putting it in a bowl with a little more salt and lemon and marinate a couple hours. It is also good as a base for salad dressing.  



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