Food Additives

Food Additives

Recently, there have been a lot of articles about what is in the food we consume. As tasty and convenient as it can be, some prepared products are not a good option. Fresh tastes best and has fewer ingredients anyway. I try to make some things in large batches and freeze them for when I am pressed for time, but generally dinner is fresh fruits and vegetables, lentils, and herbs from the garden.

Of the articles I have read, some listed disgusting ingredients while others are potentially harmful ingredients. Prevention magazine listed four additives to avoid. Petroleum based dyes (blue2 and yellow5) are banned in some areas as having a potential role in hyperactivity and cancer. Brominated vegetable oil contains bromine (found in flame retardants) which is linked to memory problems. A packaged food preservative, BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole is a probable carcinogen.
Caramel coloring contains compounds deemed carcinogenic in California.

An articles from listed some questionable ingredients. Cellulose (sawdust) can be found in shredded cheese and some ice creams. Dough enhancer for bread contains L-cysteine. It is made from human hair, hog hair, or feathers. Recently, they have started making the L-cysteine from non animal sources. Some chewing gum contains lanolin to soften it. Lanolin is the oily secretion in sheep wool. Not only that but the sheep may have been dipped in insecticide which can accumulate in the fat tissue, making it a concern. There were more examples but this was enough to make me realize I need to take more control of what goes in my mouth.

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