Quality Vitamins

Quality Vitamins

I just read an article that reinforced for me what Dr. Direct 4U is all about.  The line that caught my attention was “some common things that make inexpensive supplements little more than expensive urine”.  The article by Jason Barker, N.D. was in Well Being Journal vol. 22, no. 2.  The article cited the fact that most adults in the United States have some sort of deficiency and need a multivitamin to  augment their diet.  As supplement purity is so loosely regulated in the U.S., he advised how to select a product. 

Binders should be kept to a minimum, as many do not even break down in the GI tack and are excreted intact.

Additives often contain common allergens and sugar.

Food coloring can cause well documented behavioral problems.

Preservatives may contain trans fatty acids and may even be toxic.

You should be looking for products that contain food extracts and nutrients.  A quality vitamin will give you health benefits because the ingredients are pure, complete and can be absorbed. You get what you pay for.

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