Stay Healthy

Stay Healthy

Are you winning the battle to stay healthy? It is not easy with so much illness going around. If you are staying well, you are probably working at it. Some things that could be useful are making sure you are taking Metagenics Immucore daily as well as getting enough vitamin D and C. The fist bump, in lieu of shaking hands has been proven to be very effective but difficult for me to remember so washing hands frequently is imperative. Singing Happy Birthday twice (in your head!) is the recommended length of time to be sure you are germ free. Along that line, I like to clean the TV remote frequently with a sanitizing wipe. Eating healthy and getting plenty of rest help maintain a healthy body. I also thing a saline nasal irrigation is useful. It flushes away a lot of gunk that you have breathed in. And of course, if you do get a cold, make a pot of chicken soup. I hope nothing worse befalls you this winter.

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