Sugar and Cancer

Sugar and Cancer

Sugar and Cancer
I love sugar and need constant reminders of why I should not be eating it.  A new article in the March April 2014 issue of Well Being Journal really struck me.  The researchers from the University of California at San Francisco stated that sugar as consumed in the amounts normal for today is a potentially toxic substance and should be controlled.
We know that sugar is associated with diabetes, metabolic syndrome, GERD and heart disease but it is also known to promote cancer. Many alternative practitioners now know that the most logical way to treat cancer is to cut off the supply of food to the tumors and cancer cells, starving them of glucose.  The refined sugars so prevalent today lead to cancer directly by causing inflammation throughout the body.   Increased insulin levels from the sugar are pro inflammatory and pro cancer and can promote tumor cells. When we see the acidic condition and inflammation caused by excess simple sugars, we see how cancer and food are connected. Their conclusion is that sugar turns the body into a breeding ground for viruses, bacteria and cancer.  Time to cut back.
·       The Well Being article was reprinted from www.greenmedinfo.comSugar and Cancer

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