Toxins all around us has been my focus lately. I am trying to get as much plastic as possible out of my life but it isn't easy. Everything we buy comes in plastic, it seems. I am using as many glass containers as possible and have even resurrected my canning jars that I seldom use any more. They really are quite handy for many things and now they come in even more shapes and sizes.
Another thing on my list is cosmetics and perfumes. I have switched to organic cosmetics and eliminated the perfume. I have been making my own soap for decades and am using coconut oil to clean my face. Now I am going back to the face masks I used to make and my skin is very happy. It is so easy and you will soon see and feel an improvement. I like the honey masks because they are healing, kill germs, and reduce swelling and inflammation. Honey is an antioxidant that helps prevent wrinkles and aging. The masks are gentle enough for rosacea and eczema as well as acne. I use raw, unfiltered organic honey for the mask and add an equal amount of pureed avocado for a wonderfully moisturizing mask. Store the excess in the refrigerator. I use it about twice a week for 20 minutes. Sometimes I mix two parts honey and 1 part lemon juice to exfoliate and help reduce dark spots. This is not immediately noticeable, but you should soon see a difference. Any step to reduce toxins in our lives is a good start.

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