Everyone knows that they should drink lots of water but it is not always easy to accomplish and drinking coffee actually works against your intake as it is a diuretic. Knowing the benefits of being hydrated can help one to get back on track.  Many use it as a way to lose weight but there is so much more.  It can improve the appearance of your skin, help keep kidneys healthy, maintain normal bowel function, flush toxins and balance the body fluids.  People have claimed that it improves brain function (the brain is 90% water) and can help with headaches.  Sipping water slowly throughout the day is preferable to drinking a glass all at once and tepid water is thought better than cold water.  Start first thing in the morning and work up to half your body weight in ounces.  Of course, the purer the water, the better.  If you do not care for water, try adding lemon, mint or cucumber for a splash of flavor.

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