Vivienne's Milk And Orange Juice Recipe (Morir Soñando)

Vivienne's Milk And Orange Juice Recipe (Morir Soñando)

The attached blog has been edited by Vivienne, Dr Direct Food Consultant, from this original site: 

Vivienne: Savourer bon ami

Vivienne has been working with food nutritionist at the world renowned, MSU School of Agriculture on how to help children drink less sugary sodas.  Shortly her work will allow virtually any fruit juice and of course spirits to provide a shelf stable, healthy beverage.

Vivienne's milk and orange juice recipe (Morir Soñando) gives you sips that taste like a never-ending sweet summer dream. This heat-busting drink leaves a creamy and velvety mouthfeel reminiscent of good old summers with orange popsicles.

With a vibrant look and a refreshing flavor, it easily earns its top spot for the hot summer season. Would you like to give this milk and orange juice a go?

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