Why Dynamic Multi Collagen Renew is a Major Break Through

Why Dynamic Multi Collagen Renew is a Major Break Through

We have a new formula, Dynamic Multi Collagen Renew that may be the most exciting product we have ever seen in the last decade! I have advanced L4, L5 degeneration from the years of powerlifting that had me to the point of feeling the wheelchair was in my near future! I had been doing chiropractic, massage, PEMF, laser therapy, specific stretching, prolo-therapy, nutrition, etc. with some benefits. I started doing the trademarked collagen peptides with excellent research out of Germany, and within a month I started noticing significant improvement, getting better each month until now, my 3rd month I’m pain free and back in the gym (a little more careful this time!).

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The difference between buying a regular collagen product like a Dr. Axe, is ours are specific collagen peptides, with scientific proof of effectiveness. Collagen peptides are more bioavailable – they are better absorbed into the bloodstream because they are much shorter chains of amino acids than collagen and gelatin. Because they're shorter, collagen peptides are more readily broken down into a form that can enter the bloodstream upon digestion.

The research in the enclosed information was based on just 1 scoop a day of the Dynamic Multi Collagen Renew. You vould go (I was doing 2 scoops daily), and get even quicker and more pronounced benefits. I would use it in my first cup of coffee in the morning…it’s tasteless and makes the coffee even more frothy and delicious. You can also easily mix in your shakes, oatmeal,... 

Dr Direct 4U Dynamic Multi Collagen Renew is the only product on the market with the research levels in one scoop of the trademarked collagen peptides, Tendoforte, Fortigel, Verisol, and Fortibone. Some may have the dramatically effective Tendoforte, but not the therapeutic amounts needed. It’s simply window dressing like unfortunately many companies, even professional nutrition companies do….we don’t do that!! Below is research on the Tendoforte and it’s remarkable impact on healing tendons and ligaments, increasing elasticity to reduce risk of injury (increases elastin by 50%), and increasing the fibroblasts ability to produce 2 fold more tissue matrix! 


 Another of the researched collagen peptides is Fortigel, a remarkable peptide for cartilage support. Research has shown a significant regeneration in cartilage after 3 months. Tufts Medical Center in conjunction with Harvard, studied the Fortigel in early knee osteoarthritis, with MRI’s showing significant increase in proteoglycan density. Another study showed a complete reduction in pain by 40% of the participants. 


 Next unique peptide is Verisol. This amazing and heavily researched specific collagen peptide is incredibly effective for skin, hair, nails, and reduction of cellulite! A study on 69 women (ages 35-55) showed a 15% increase in skin elasticity after just 4 weeks! Again we have the amount in one scoop (2.5 grams) that was used in the research that showed significant reduction in wrinkling and a 60% increase in procollagen concentration of the skin! This same amount of the Verisol restored the normal structure of the dermis and subcutaneous tissue in a study of 105 women (25-50 year olds) reducing the waviness of the skin (cellulite) after 3 months of supplementation and continuing to improve after 6 months of supplementation. Same results with fingernail health. 


 The last researched collagen peptide in the Dynamic Multi Collagen Renew is the Fortibone to support bone mass, by reducing osteoclastic activity and supporting osteoblastic activity. One study of 180 women with reduced bone mass were given the amount of the Fortibone found in 1 scoop of our Dynamic Multi Collagen Renew over 12 months. Bone mass was checked before and after with DXA scans, and the results were a pronounced increase in BMD in all women with either osteopenia or osteoporosis! 



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